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Penguin Pointe

African Penguin
African Penguin

The Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe, opening in 2011 at the Little Rock Zoo, provides a specialized habitat for South African penguins, a species vulnerable to extinction. The habitat features amenities such as a heated pool and replica rock bluffs, designed to mimic the penguins' natural environment and nesting area, creating the perfect environment for their health and well-being. Guest are invited to witness the charm of these penguins during daily feedings, held twice a day at 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM, offering an engaging experience for everyone.

Species Profile: African Penguin

Like many other penguin species, African penguins are endangered, with approximately 80% of their population lost over the past five decades due to various factors.

Historically hunting, habitat destruction, and oil spills have all contributed to the decline of African penguin populations. However, the greatest current threat stems from the depletion of their main food source, sardines, caused by overfishing and changing ocean climates. This scarcity of prey has led to struggles for survival among African penguins, further endangering their already fragile population.

The Little Rock Zoo is actively engaged in conservation efforts to protect African penguins and their habitats. Through partnerships with organizations such as the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), the zoo works to address the challenges faced by these penguins, including oil spills and low fish availability. Collaborative efforts focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing penguins that have been impacted by oil spills, abandoned, or injured.

By supporting the Little Rock Zoo, individuals contribute to the conservation of African penguins and other wildlife worldwide. Together with global partners, the Zoo strives to ensure the survival and protection of these charismatic seabirds for generations to come.

Penguin Experience

Immerse yourself in the wonder of African penguins alongside a knowledgeable keeper and delve into their captivating tales through a Penguin Experience! This exclusive opportunity grants you a glimpse behind the curtain as you discover the intricacies of their feeding regimen, their attentive care, and the vital conservation efforts undertaken by the Zoo to ensure their species' continued existence.

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Hours of Operation
9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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