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Little Rock Zoo's Internship Program- Applications closed for 2022

The Little Rock Zoo is now accepting applications for 2022 summer animal care and conservation educator internships. The Zoo is seeking dependable, hardworking college students interested in the fields of animal care and education. Interns will gain valuable experience with exotic animals by training with professional zookeepers.

Interns will receive a $2,000 stipend sponsored by the Arkansas Zoological Foundation. Housing and transportation are the responsibility of the intern.

The 2022 summer internship term will begin Sunday May 29, 2022, continuing through mid-August. End dates may be no earlier than August 7th and no later than Sept 1st without approval.

Application closed for 2022- thank you! 


-College student or recent graduate majoring in biology, zoology, or other related field
-Must have completed a minimum of 4 semesters at the start of the internship
-Student in good standing, GPA 2.5 or higher
-Capable of lifting 50 lbs
-Up-to-date vaccinations, recent physical and negative TB test (dated within 6 months of start date). Documentation will be required at orientation. Covid-19 vaccination will be required for animal care internships.
-Available to work weekends and holidays
-Able to work 32-40 hours per week a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks beginning the first week of June.
-Available to attend Intern orientation on Sunday May 29, 2022, – Orientation is Mandatory

*Acceptance into the program is contingent on passing a background check*
**Animal experience is preferable, but not required**

To Apply:
Applicants must submit all of the following documents to be considered:

-Online application
-Letter of interest including dates of availability* (please include any prior obligations and time off requirements)
-School transcript (may be unofficial) *

              *Upload supplemental documents with the online application

Conservation Educator Internships 

Little Rock Zoo Conservation Educator interns will participate in educational programming on animal and environmental topics, and will also assist in the development of said programming for a wide range of audience ages. Interns will be tasked to assist with classroom programs, on- and off-site animal presentations, and Zoofari summer camp. Tasks may require some strenuous activity, so candidates should be in good health and able to apply safe working practices. Suitable candidates should be comfortable interacting with people, presenting in front of crowds, and working with children; it is also essential that candidates are able to contribute positively as part of a team. Photoshop experience is a plus, as the team creates signage throughout the zoo.

While interns will handle Ambassador Animals and may assist the education keepers, this is not an animal care internship – while we will consider all applicants, those with an interest in education may find this internship more suitable than those focused on animal care

Click Here to apply for the Conservation Educator Internship

Animal Care Internships

Little Rock Zoo animal care interns work alongside the zoo’s animal keepers learning the ins and outs of animal husbandry in a zoological setting.  Tasks may include but are not limited to feeding, cleaning, enrichment, training, exhibit maintenance, and public speaking.  These tasks include some strenuous activity so candidates should be in good health, capable of lifting up to 50lbs, and able to apply safe working practices. Suitable candidates must be positive and patient with well-developed observational skills and work ethic. Weekly schedule may vary so interns must be flexible; any possible conflicts must be mentioned prior to the acceptance of the position.  Interns will also have the opportunity to learn about zoo management and animal welfare topics through lectures and activities offered throughout the summer.

Click Here for apply for Animal Care Internships

Animal Care Internship Types: 

Carnivore Internship

Carnivore interns will shadow carnivore keepers learning the husbandry of a wide variety of carnivores with an emphasis on safety. Species in this internship big and small cats, bears, otters, and canids.

Hoofstock and Birds Internship

These Interns will be exposed to the Asian elephant program and daily routine, however direct experience with the elephants will be limited. Species in this internship also include black rhino, plains zebra, giant anteater, red river hogs, lorikeet, ostrich, a variety of free flight tropical birds and more. 

Ambassador Animal Care Internship

Species in the Ambassador Animal area include African penguin, bald eagle, spur-thigh tortoise, opossum and a large variety of other small mammals, birds of prey, and reptiles. Interns will also work in the Arkansas Heritage Farm featuring heritage breed domestic hoofstock along with a variety of waterfowl. Additionally, interns may participate in the Zoo’s educational programs including the Wild Wonders Animal Show, off-site programming, and media appearances.

Primates Internship

Primate interns will learn the husbandry practices specific to primates though shadowing primate and great ape keepers and assisting with their daily routines. Species in this internship include great apes, lesser apes, various monkey species, and prosimians.

Herpetology Internship

Species include American alligator, large tortoises, and a variety of venomous and nonvenomous snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, and invertebrates.  Interns in this department will learn about the husbandry and care of a large variety of reptiles and amphibians, and will be able to assist with daily care, conservation-based programs, and educational opportunities for our visitors.  Interns will learn about safe handling techniques for all species; however, interns will not be directly handling venomous animals.

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