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Bush Dogs


Little Rock Zoo is home to a bonded pair, Godon and Selva, both born in 2013.

  • Bush dog is semi-aquatic animals, which means that it is adapted to the life close to the water. It has partially webbed feet which facilitate swimming and diving.
  • Bush dog produces high-pitched cries for communication with other members of the group.
  • Their 40 teeth are set in a powerful jaw that is ideal for capturing and consuming prey items.
  • Bush dog is diurnal animal (active during the day). It sleeps in the hollows of the trees or in the abandoned burrows of armadillo during the night.

Bush Dogs seem to be naturally rare throughout their range. They are threatened by human encroachment, habitat loss, reduction in prey abundance (due to illegal hunting and domestic dogs), and lethal diseases contracted from domestic dogs.  Please join our efforts to secure a future for this species by donating to our conservation fund.

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