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For first time Little Rock Zoo is home to ostriches


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Little Rock Zoo welcomes four ostriches


LITTLE ROCK (May 12, 2016) – Four female ostriches have joined the Little Rock Zoo’s animal family and are settling in next to their new neighbor Johari, the black rhino.

The 3-year-old birds came to the Zoo from Roaming Acres Farm in New Jersey. Ostriches, the world’s largest birds, are known for their long necks and powerful legs. Females have a dusty plumage compared to vibrant black and white feathers of males.

In the wild, these flightless birds can reach speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. They use the long dagger-like claws on their two-toed feet to defend themselves, landing kicks that can kill lions.

“These birds are exciting to watch,” said Zoo Director Mike Blakely. “When they come close to the viewing area, you can get a sense of how big they are. They’re taller than many people. They’re magnificent animals and we’re proud to have them here at the Little Rock Zoo.”   


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