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Time Capsule to be Installed in Carousel Horse Today

What:  A time capsule will be installed today into Over-the-Jumps Carousel horse Smarty Jones adopted by Chappy and Pat Chapman and Team Smarty.  

Who:  Little Rock Zoo staff, representatives of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and preservation artist Becky Witsell.  

When:  2:45 p.m. Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where:  1011 S. Scott Street Little Rock (Studio of Becky Witsell)  

Visuals:  Artist installing time capsule into Smarty Jones at her studio; horses near completion; horses completed.  

Background:  As completion restoration of the horses on the historic Over-the-Jumps Carousel nears, a time capsule will be installed into carousel horse Smarty Jones adopted by Chappy and Pat Chapman and Team Smarty.  Thanks to a grant from the Department of Arkansas Heritage and to the City of Little Rock, 39 horses on the carousel will be restored to their original splendor and be protected against wear-and-tear from outdoor exposure and riders.  The final horse will be left in its original state and not used on the carousel for riding.  Built in 1924, the historic Over-the-Jumps Carousel is one of only three of its kind remaining and the only carousel of its kind that is fully operational.  The Friends of the Carousel donated the carousel to the Little Rock Zoo in 2007 after fifteen years of raising funds to preserve the antique carousel.