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The Little Rock Zoo is home to 10 Lemurs; 6 ring tailed, 2 black and white ruffed and two blue eyed black lemurs.  Streep, a blue eyed black lemur is the oldest, born March 17, 1995 and Adelo, a ring tailed lemur is the youngest, born on April 1, 2011.  Lemurs are the Earth’s most threatened group of mammals.

  • The ring tailed lemur’s tail is longer than its body!
  • Male ring tailed lemurs put smells, from glands in their bottoms, on their tail and wave it at rivals. It’s known as ‘stink fighting’!
  • The ring tailed lemur is used as a symbol for Madagascar and for endangered animals on the island, because it’s so well-known.
  • The ring tailed lemur is known as ‘maky’ in Malagasy, the language spoken on Madagascar.
  • The ring tailed lemur’s Latin name is ‘catta’ because of its cat-like looks.

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