Special Events

Vulture Awareness Day


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9:00am-3:00pm   |   Vulture Activity Tables

Create your own vulture vomit to ward off predators, participate in a “vultures are scavengers” hunt, and learn
about how strong vulture stomach acid is with a simple experiment.

11:00-11:30am & 1:30-2:00pm   |   Animal Show Vulture Stars in Action

Learn about local vultures, how we train our vultures, and their importance in our environment during a free flighted bird show.

2:30pm   |   Meet the Liitle Rock Zoo Vultures/ Prize Drawing

Get an up-close look at the two vulture species found in Arkansas while we draw names
for our “Vultures are Scavengers” Hunt grand prize!

Meet the Little Rock Zoo’s resident vultures up close
while you learn about the vultures of the world and
how you can help support vulture conservation!