Trudy the Gorilla



Trudy, one of our female gorillas, is the oldest gorilla living in the care of humans. Trudy was brought from Africa as an infant in 1957, a practice which, fortunately, is no longer allowed.  After residing at the St. Louis and Buffalo Zoos, she arrived in Little Rock in 1988.  The grand opening of the Great Ape Display in 1988 allowed Trudy and her mate, Ollie, to be the first gorillas ever exhibited in Arkansas. Trudy's birthday is estimated to be June 1956 but it is possible that Trudy is older than her estimated age.


While Trudy never had any offspring in Arkansas, she played an important role in the formation and longevity of one of the first multi-male gorilla groups, which are now commonly seen in zoos.

Trudy is now enjoying her "retirement" in our smaller gorilla yard, living with her male companion Brutus.  Trudy typically hangs-out near the building entrance for the great ape display. Look to your left and you might catch a glimpse of her!