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Show Zoo animals some love with Valentine’s Day candy choices

LITTLE ROCK (Feb. 6, 2017) – Guests at the Little Rock Zoo who stop by to see Berani and Bandar, the Bornean orangutans, might easily think of Valentine’s Day when they watch the pair interact in an almost loving fashion. What people won’t likely think about however, is the hidden cost of some of the holiday’s trappings – namely all the sweets sold around this time of year.

Bornean orangutans are endangered species due in large part to deforestation. Forests in Borneo have been decimated by the palm oil industry. Most people don’t realize it but, they likely eat and use palm oil every day. It is found in many cosmetics, bath products and foods – especially candy. 

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in Colorado Springs, Colo., has compiled a list of candy manufacturers rating them ‘Excellent,’ ‘Good,’ or ‘Needs Improvement,’ that conservation-minded consumers can use when shopping to fill their candy bowls this Valentine’s Day.

Among those candy makers in the ‘Excellent’ category are Hershey’s Mars, Kraft, Ghirardelli and Wrigley, while Nestle and Wonka were ranked ‘Good’ and Haribo gummy candies ranked ‘Needs Improvement.’ For their complete list visit

“Our mission is to inspire people to value and conserve our natural world. One way we inspire people is by taking care of animals that are in danger of extinction so guests can see them close up and come to love them,” said Susan Altrui, the Zoo’s director. “But we also practice what we preach. The Little Rock Zoo buys hundreds of pounds of candy each year for events and we only purchase those brands that use sustainable practices.”