Special Events

Health & Safety Day


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We want you to be healthy and safe so come learn about animal care (domestic & wild), home/kitchen safety and first aid. Join our keepers, café workers, veterinarian and partners from Little Rock Police Department and Little Rock Fire Department to learn how you can promote health and safety.

10 a.m. Police – Michelle Hill (texting & driving; gunsafety; “stranger danger”, residential safety)

11 a.m. Fire – Chief Gray

12 p.m. Animal – Patrick Douglas, CVT (animal health – domestic; spay and neuter pets; animal approach andvaccines)

1 p.m. Kitchen- David Branson, Café Manager (temperature control, cross-contamination)

2 p.m.  Arkansas Department of Health – Dr. Susan Weinstein (mosquitos and diseases) three tables (WIC, Tobacco, Injury Prevention)